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Messenger Art provides independent formal valuations for; insurance, superannuation, fair market, family division, matrimonial, probate, estate, loss assessment, cultural gifts and pre-purchase art reports.


We provide art, jewellery and general household valuations on behalf of public institutions, corporate and private clients and their professional advisors (solicitors, accountants, wealth managers and executors) in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and around Australia.

Abstract art work featurin black, terracotta and red stripes

Valuation Reports

We provide written art, jewellery and general household valuation reports for single items to diverse collections in Sydney, Melbourne and around Australia.

We provide pre-purchase art acquisition valuation reports for those considering buying art from auction, dealer or gallery (reporting on value relative to market analysis, condition, provenance) to ensure our clients avoid regretful choices.

Our field of expertise includes Australian and International Art and Decorative Arts (including antique and modern furniture), jewellery, watches, time pieces, luxury clothing and accessories and general household chattels.

We evaluate the specified effects in relation to national and international auction records, quality and each artist’s reputation in the arts community.

We draw on an academic knowledge of art history and extensive experience working with Australian and International fine and decorative arts.

We provide the highest levels of discretion and complete confidentiality.

Landcape brush stroke paintin of a paddock with trees

Insurance – valuations are based upon the cost of replacing an object with something comparable from auction, retail source or reputable dealer.

Fair Market – valuations refer to the price which an object would be expected to realise on the secondary art market.

Family Division – valuations are based on the market value of each object, for the purpose of providing a fair distribution of joint assets.

Superannuation – valuations reflect the market value of the assets in the Fund.

Probate – valuations are based on the value an item can realistically expect to achieve on a secondary market, when it forms part of an estate of a deceased person.

Matrimonial - fair market valuations required by the courts for the purpose of matrimonial settlement.

Estate – valuations refer to the price which an object would be expected to realise on the secondary art market.

Items and objects we value include fine art, decorative arts, antique and modern furniture, jewellery, time pieces, watches, luxury clothing, accessories and general household effects/chattels.

Valuation Categories

“Saatchi Gallery in Adelaide: British Art Now is another instalment in the Art Gallery of South Australia’s effort to re-badge itself as a contemporary art space… [Co-curated by Jane Messenger], this exhibition represents quite accurately the contemporary art Saatchi finds congenial.”
- Terry Smith The Monthly August 2011
Leaf and berry artwork

Our clients are assured a comprehensive and expert valuation service.

Director Jane Messenger (Bachelor Arts Hons and Master of Arts, The University of Melbourne) is:

Accredited Valuer: Federal Gov. Tax Incentive Scheme for the Arts.

Certified Practicing Valuer: Auctioneers and Valuers Association of Australia (AVAA)

Registered Valuer: Art Consulting Association of Australia (ACAA)

Member: International Association of Art Critics (AICA)

Jewellery valuations are completed by qualified gemmologists (F.G.A.A) and registered valuers with the National Council of Jewellery Valuers.


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