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Nasim Nasr STUDIO VISIT, Sydney

Jane Messenger with Nasim Nasr "Measure of Love"

Studio visits are an important and valued part of enriching my understanding of artistic practice; to discuss with artists how their narratives are being explored within the works they are creating around them. It is particularly inspiring to witness the emergence of new ideas in forms that are unresolved but have the potential to become something wondrous.

Nasim Nasr’s work is embedded in dualities. It is imbued with beauty and fragility but resonates with strength and courage. She considers how power is found within the powerless. Nasr’s face is hidden in her photographic and video works, protesting censorship and inequality. At times only her hands are exposed, a symbol of strength and power.

The series Measure of Love continues Nasr’s critical and multi-disciplinary art practice to date. Her advocacy for women’s rights is enriched by her background and experience of moving from Iran to Australia in her twenties. Nasr questions constructs of identity, as something imposed by society but also constructed by self. She explores cultural and historical intersections between East and West, between the past and the present.

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